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The Magic Of Church Glen

I had some reservations about going to Church Glen Forest in Co. Wicklow as it was completely unknown. I did understate my own promotion and invitation of others to join me in case it disappointed... I had read reviews of it being a beautiful place to some negative comments about lack of access, difficult to walk and boring. Parking seemed unsure. I looked up old maps, used the Google Street View service and Googled up pics that others had taken, but all of this was very limiting. I tried to find out who owned this forest. Coillte do not, Wildlife and Heritage do not. At a guess this is Church of Ireland land. Anyway, for all of my concerns, prejudgements and caution ... Church Glen turned out to be one of the most magical woodlands I have been to in Ireland. The beauty in places is excelling. The main trees here are beeches and oaks with very healthy rowans, hawthorns, chestnuts, larch, a few birch, sycamore, very few hazels, pines that I wonder what species they are ... but