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Autumn At Derrycarne

I have been looking forward to returning to this forest and beautiful shore for months Various people said they would be here, and various folks from overseas too. During the morning it was drizzling, so the "not coming due to weather" messages came in, but like all Sundays this year the time in the forest was lovely. The sun came out for the time we were there. Unfortunately, in one of my posts I said we were off to Glenfarne, so a couple of folks went there instead. So, today it was just myself and Britta a visitor from Switzerland. First, it was to seek out the hidden fairy ring, shown to me in Spring by Jonathan Pipe. In this pic you can make out some of the henge and the gap in it. From this, go through the growth and there is the holy well But the well was dry today, so I climbed inside and took a photo outwards Lovely moss beside this well too Many of the trees are labelled here Shoreline is beautiful Espe