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Surprises of Killykeen Forest

Killykeen Forest near Cavan has been on my list as a forest to visit for a long time. This year I have changed the dates for visiting several times so my expectations for anyone sharing the visit with me were very low. Getting there was a small challenge. I took a few wrong turnings Its not good to rely on sat naving and google maps when the satellites cannot find you. I'll have to get back into my old habit of carrying my paper OS Maps with me again. I used to take them everywhere as I have at least 85 of them that cover the country stored at home. I entered the forest from the Killeshandra entrance as I had posted to meet at the car park on the Gartanoul side. There is a footbridge that joins this with the Cavan entrance and the Derinish side. Driving along what seemed like a long forest road, there were clear felled sections with several blackberry pickers. I soon discovered that the backberries are big and sweet here. As there had been no dialogue w