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Where's The Fae in Cavan's Burren?

When our Bards In The Woods is at Cavan's Burren, it confuses some people as most people know of the Clare's Burren landscape and think that is it. There are Burrens all over Ireland, Bhoireann, Bórean, Boreen, Rocky Place (in limestone). This one, like all of them once did, has trees and soil on it still, though it is largely a Coillte plantation and a lot of it recently clearfelled. Among the plantations, and now many exposed through clear felling, are several very ancient megalithic stone age, bronze age, iron age and early monastic age ruins of dolmens, cairns, boulder burials, kerb stone circles of ancient settlements along with very interesting ancient ice age debris. I arrived about five minutes to three, first to be here, sunny, a bit cooler than the recent heatwave days plus a lovely breeze. This was a 100% perfect woodland weather day. I received a call from an  Eimear Crowe of Cavan Community Radio who wanted to walk with us and record some bards in action.