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Sunfullness at Knockranny Woods & Well

2nd March 2014, launch day of the National Tree Week in Ireland, and I was at Knockranny Woods, near Keadue, Co. Roscommon, one of my favourite places in Ireland. No matter how often I come here its a habit to leap out of the car and take a pic across to the crannog where it is said a linnet lived that Turlough O'Carolan played his new tunes to. I also always look for the pair of swans here, and there they are ... and they come up close to see what is on offer ... without hissing this time. When the people get here, this is where we intend to go ... Yes, along this trail, starting here ... and follows the lough shore awhile ... A couple of people turned up, responding to the Tree Council Tree Week listing, but as they were out of the car a light shower happened ... they shrieked "arghhh, too wet !!!", left back into their car and sped away high speed. I went to walk the trail, turned around .... rainbow !!! :-) Just then anot