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How's Bards In The Woods 2017 for you?

Sorry, Bards In The Woods at Milltown Wood, Co. Leitrim is not on tomorrow, Sunday 30th, but postponed until 17th September I am working on next Sunday's Bards In The Woods page, which will be posted here shortly. This will be at Derreen Wood near Knockvicar, Co. Roscommon, on 14th May.   So far, it has been a lovely season, lovely attendances and generally kind weather. Each year we try some new things. Two years ago island woodlands were popular, but not so popular last year, so time to try something else ... We have just served our first series of 'Find Your Story' workshop sessions at the wonderful Longford Demesne Woods near Betra, Co. Sligo. This demonstrated that it has great potential. I look forward to out later events there Another new project is the Woodland Barding Weekly YouTube channel. Here's the first one ... they have got better since. :-) Links ... Woodland Barding Weekly on YouTube , please subscribe Woodland Barding Week