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Ireland's National Tree Week next week

click here to see the events of 2nd until 9th March 2014 also click here for Forest Events listed for all of 2014

National Tree Week, Ireland

During March 2014 the National Tree Week theme  was The Sound of Trees',  'Fuaim na gCrann' ... which I find is potentially beautiful. Each year the Tree Council of Ireland rustle up volunteers throughout all 26 counties of the Republic Of Ireland to register and arrange local activities connected to trees and forests under a theme for National Tree Week The activities most promoted are tree planting, as this is coming to the end of the bare root tree planting season, education about trees to include identification, and relationships to fungi, shrubs, flowers, mammals, birds, insects and ourselves. This is also a time to reflect on how trees, woods and forests are vital for our life and survival and how our own well being and health protection is made possible by being among trees, tree medicine. Sadly it seems ... Not every county Loves Trees ???  Most years, recently, it seems that 40% of the counties of the Republic Of Ireland do not host any Tree