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Bring Wild Apples Back To The Woods

I generally promote Bards In The Woods Sunday afternoon events in public access woodlands of Ireland from National Tree Week in March until end of October. Between end of October and early March its the native tree planting season. For this winter I suggest that tree planting focuses on trees for food. Hazels are easy, they take well and grow well but the native tree that has almost vanished from our woodlands are wild apple trees, crab apples some of us say. I propose that we aim to plant many more wild apple trees this winter. Here's a way this can be done. - Cut up a favourite apple and remove the seeds. Most apple species are from grafting onto wild apple root stock. Wrap the seeds in wax paper, greaseproof paper, and store for 4 weeks in a cool dark place, garden shed maybe. - Get some zipper Ziploc bags or even the small Ziploc food containers and half fill with potting compost, and place a seed in each bag or container. Moisten, then keep in a refrigerator, bags t

12 Resources Supporting Ireland's Native Trees

Folks have asked me which organisations support the growing, care and use of broad leaved woodlands in Ireland - so here are my own top 12 resources that I know, use and support. There are others, and maybe you can list and link to your favourites in the comment box below. Click on the headings of these 12 resources to open their web sites in new browser tabs ... Native Woodland Trust Based in Kilteel, Co. Kildare, perhaps the most dedicated to increasing native woodland in Ireland. Quite a new organisation but a passionate one. Their main work is to raise funds and actively increase the planting of new native tree woodlands as well as individual native trees where people will host them. Of course, once planted they help to preserve and look after them. Cost of involvement is membership and/or tree sponsoring. Membership, includes quarterly magazine, is scaled  €20 single to €300 group rate Sponsoring a tree is €34 per tree The Woodland League Based is Scarriff, Co.

First Visit to Derrycarne Woods, 2012

Arriving. This is a vast woodland down a country lane just north of Dromod village, Co. Leitrim. So here is the sign, but we are driving deep into the wood from here ... In the centre, a set of signs informing what is here and what was here ... Including a picture of the house once here ...  This is all that remains of the structure ...  and closer up, really this is the rear courtyard. Now some pics of the beautiful main walking path here ...  Now a car park, this was where the main front lawn once was ... Some intriguing tree shapes here This is actually in a fairy ring. Can you see the gap of the henge left of the tree? A beautiful shoreline here, so lets share some pics here ... The beach, a great picnic area here with picnic tables scattered around too. Dogs love it here, of course. Steps to a viewing area folly. I do not think it is built on an ancient