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Mini Equinox Festival at Deerpark

It was the day of Spring Equinox, for 2016.  A day many people love to celebrate as from now for 6 months daylight will be longer than darkness in a day. It was a beautiful warm blue sky sunny afternoon, at Deerpark, east of Sligo town, outside of Calry village. The brown road sign has gone, which confused some people arriving, but the main sign is still here, if you come in. Several people arrived early for this Bards In The Woods outing, all eager to get going ... The dogs were ready to go too :-)  and so we set off ... photo by Hubert Flanagan The sign has vanished from here too.  The sun beamed on us .. as we met more dogs, like this beautiful lurcher mixed with something else ... We took a break half way along the track ... and some poetry was shared here, a delighted audience :-)  ... and a bit of foraging it seems ... Moving on ...  At the ancient Court Cairn we arrive and explore for awh