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Sun vs Shadow Clouds at Deerpark Forest and Cairn

so here we were ... Additional signs since I was here last ... and a map, showing the sites and sights to look out for ... The path start is familiar ... going up and down and back up again ... patches of heather and various clumps of summer flowers still We reach our destination ... An entrance to one of the chambers ...  Looking to the end of the court ... and from that other end I look back at our small group today ... Bee seeks some poems to share ... While Jan tries to get to grips with a doughnut ... and later finds a hairy caterpillar ...  View of a chamber remains area here ... View of Knocknarea. You can see a lot of Sligo's peaks from here.  So, we continue along the path and look back up at the court cairn site ... Step over the wall to the souterrain site and a dolmen remains ... but with a bull in the field we did not go but kept going .