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Trees For Healing

I am sometimes asked why do I bother with Ogma's Tale of the Trees? What's it really all about? ... and how would time in the woods be healing? I've been in a very active debate in a group where one of my pet passion subjects came up, which is the way people are often incredibly heavily focused on the crucifixion story at Easter and then skim over and even brush aside the Resurrection, which I find is one of the most beautiful stories told. Its not a story only told with Jesus as the main character but has been told through time with many characters in different settings and circumstances. Even told in Return of The Jedi, the third of the first Star Wars set, and certainly through mummers tales. As you may know I present the Ogma tale as 20 scenes, one for each of the original ogham symbols, split into 4 octaves, each with 5 sounds to symbols, forming a pentatonic scale in each octave. Those four octaves form a cycle, stitched together with the inner regeneratin

Getting Going Again

This new web site,, now seemingly working smoothly, is still all text and no design, ... but soon there will be pictures and video clips flodding these pages. My own quest is to serve what I can to encourage more gatherings, more picnics, in the woodlands on Sunday afternoons. On top of that more people finding their voice as bards in their own way Being their own priest rather than give away soul, spirit and power away to other priests On top of that, support for local growers and rearers, and doing your own growing and rearing, to create more local enterprise, trade and bartering, a new more sustainable local economy and less dependency on national government, corporations, supermarkets and retail parks. Its is hard breaking the habits we were herded into, I think starting with when we started school as children. A process that was about reprogramming our minds and taking our bodies to "conform" and "confirm" while draining out our

Tweeking A Blog into Web Site

I was going through hoops this morning trying to convert this simple Blogger template into a proper domain engined site. After all kinds of blips during the day both domains now working great for me, and hope they are for you too.   and   . It was important to get the working as new t-shirts that will be here showing that domain quite soon. I hope to announce how you can get these new t-shirts within the next few days. Now, I hope to move more useful content over to here instead of battling with basic template technicalities :-)

Bards In The Woods is now here :-)

Hello, I'm now moving the Bards In The Woods info over to here on the Google Blogger service so we can do what we can to expand what we do nationally around all of the island of Ireland ... stay tuned ...