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Are there 3000 Oaks within Union Wood?

One of the most beautiful woods in Ireland and a lovely afternoon to match, despite being cool for May, but out only rain was a minute's sprinkle halfway and a sprinkle as we were leaving. After the usual Sunday morning flow of messages about "its too wet", "I ache" and "I'm with you in spirit" which I think I am learning is code for 'hangover' just 4 of us were on this walk. We did meet a man who lived nearby and claimed there are over 3000 oaks in this forest ??? It was a lovely, lovely time here but I wished there was true sincerity among those who say they love the forests, protect the forests, and are even at one with the forests despite not walking through any for a long, long time. Even so, aside from us four it was very heartening to see that there were actually a lot of people out for a walk, run and even cycle ride in these woods. We engaged in some wonderful conversations with some folks. I had all kinds of things to