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Lughnasadh and the Woods

Its Lughnasadh time :-) ... but this is the farming season festival I have a challenge with. Farming season festivals? Imbolc the seeding, though few can actually seed at this time now. Bealtaine the blossoming and, of course, fertility. Lughnasadh the harvesting though some say first harvest; Mabon being second harvest. Samhain the storing for winter or some say third harvest. Lughnasadh is a time for celebration of a new harvest, some say first harvest. Whatever it is called, now is our most lush and abundant time here in the Northern Hemisphere, especially between latitudes 45 degrees to 60 degrees. A tale is told, in many ways, about a woman called Tailtiu clearing the forests of the chieftain kingdoms of Brega, Mide and some say Breifne too, though I doubt these names or their boundaries existed in De Dannan times. She cleared them to make way for the Tuatha De Dannan farms while also being foster mother and mentor for the warrior, master of many trades, he

Lughnasadh Picnics - What To Buy?

Lughnasadh time, a time I write this, includes a celebration of the harvest of what we are about to eat that will also see us through the winter and into next year, but a harvest for who? There is a lot of publicity leading to personal confusion about the overall corporate take-over of our food headed by monster companies like Monsanto, Dupont and Cargill along with their divisions and divisions of divisions. I intend to now spend a lot of time on the Picnic "division" of this Bards In The Woods site to unravel this, and perhaps you can join in to help unravel this too?. Most, if not all, of us are habitualized into buying and eating food with components from these monster corporations eager to own and control our food. Even lovely home made bread from the farmer's market, or from home, can be of flour from seeds supplied by these corporations or even raised with the aid of some product from them. A slow change and continual change of buying choices to change