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Forest Sell Offs? 5 Things We Can Do Now

What can we do to prevent forest sell offs in Ireland? In response to a press release by the Woodland League, "Call for an independent inquiry into Coillte public forest asset stripping". Someone on Facebook asked "What can I do besides signing petitions and sending emails" This is a question that is asked often. Of course, I step in with a spiel of what Bards In The Woods is about. Alas the response is often a barrage of excuses and denials of why so called woodland passion people cannot actually be in the woods. I heard similar from a Scottish church minister about churches many years ago. He said "people do not go to the churches any more but for some reason they want them to stay here" - but without use and support they do go away. I believe when I speak for woodlands ... ... and Bards In The Woods here the message is clear ... Get into the woods of Ireland more often with more of your friends and family. I believe a lot of the sell