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Lots Of Talking, Not Enough Walking

First a huge applause for the combined efforts of Richard Boyd Barrett, Andrew St. Ledger and others for bringing together, they say, over 4000 people for a "Walk In The Woods" at Avondale on 28th April 2013. Wow, if more than 100 turned up to a Bards In The Woods event I think I would be rushed to hospital. With that in mind I kind of wished this was an event of 50 or more people in 80 or more forests all over Ireland with lots of pics and video clips sent to the local TDs to those forests instead of 4000 people in one forest. Still, this is what these lads did, and lots of help from un-named lasses too, and it was a very, very, good thing to do ... so encore applause from me for all of that. Richard and Andrew put so much of themselves in their own way into this vital cause ... and did it well. ... yet I was not there. I was in another forest. I will not go into why here as its OT. Where are the Pics and Videos? What has concerned me, is concerning me, is

Back To Derreen Woods, more Well Work

13 people turned up 8 women, 5 men and 1 young lad, but no dogs. Lots of special new people with us this time, excellent author and manager of Rathcroghan Visitor's Centre, Lora O'Brien, her archaeologist husband Doug and their three remarkable children. Debra Hoyle and friend Stephen from Co. Down, Linda Rosewood from California especially in for this. Claire Roche ... but no harp this time, and sunday regulars Bridget and Andy plus Jonathan Pipe. Who have I missed out who was here? Wonderful weather, our warmest Sunday yet this year, quite a bit of sun and no rain. Layers did come off but not down to t-shirts yet. Bluebells were out in abundance, but petals refusing to display themselves, so none of the blue groundscape like last year yet. Again, Toberderragh Well was the theme, motive and goal of this afternoon. More people with wellies this time, including myself, though I ended up not being of the main labour force in the end. I kicked off with my Coll The