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forest medicine

I often take moments to remind myself that we cannot Save The Forests without saving ourselves and how our human relationship with trees should save each other. Campaigning that the "government" must keep our Public Forests public can be quite stressful. Do we need that stress? The forests say "no", I believe, and here's why. "Green Prescription" is a buzz phrase that often appears in health magazines and through health columnists in newspapers. "Take two hours in the forest and call me in the morning"   kind of thing. A lot of folks interpret this as taking a motivated power walk or jog through the woods or even a gruelling mountain bike trek. Doing forest activities indeed have their valuable healthy place and are to be encouraged but my main focus is on something I feel is more complete and wholesome. Japanese call this Shrinrin Yoku, The Koreans call this Sanlimyok I call it Boladh na Sióga and its all "Forest B