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Forest Bathing vs Vanity

"I would fund the building of a new hospital before funding the vanity of a Prior" said the Prioress to the Prior when he approached her for help in funding a priory palace. This is within Ken Follett's "World Without End" novel set at the time of Edward III at the start of the 100 Years War with France. Its a popular TV series at present. I may upset a few people who read this, but I feel with just cause. Does art care? When I go to Sligo I find myself and see the multi million euro arts centre next to a struggling hospital.  Go into the hospital and you will quickly identify that it is understaffed and the place looks a mess, seriously needing paintwork, building maintenance and more useful equipment. Then go into the arts centre close to there and see a pristine building, but hardly anyone there except some staff looking around for something to do. I find the exhibitions are often macabre and feel its not what people are looking to see and be insp