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Lake Water Lapping with Low Sounds Of Picnic

24th May 2015, second day of National Heritage Week in Ireland and we offered a picnic session close to Innisfree, or Inishfree as some spell it, Island. Unfortunately, Heritage Week literature had changed this to Monday, 25th August, and despite that being a serious wet day there were more people interested in that event, and upset I cancelled ... than who appeared on the lovely Sunday afternoon the day before. Four of us were there for Sunday afternoon and really it was straight down to picnic as none of us had eaten for lunch After some good eating we rested and lulled for awhile as the lapping of the water was lulling us to sleep as the sun was also breaking through the clouds and the afternoon was getting warmer. No midges, flies, wasps or similar to make us restless. Taliah, noticed a hazel nut above in the tree, I noticed another and so we entered into a game of hazel nut spotting ... As we were Bards In The Woods we thought we had better do