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The Wren, The Wren ...

Question asked? What are the "pagan" origins of the "wren" sacrifice,  it has to be better than the Christian version? Origins? To me the ancient story seems very simple and quite beautiful. Its another perception of our relationship of winter to summer. In ancient times it looks like Ivy often took the blame as the bringer of frost, ice, snow and all that makes us cold. this pic to the right is thanks to Pilgrimage in Medieval Ireland Ivy is also, commonly, where the Wren lives as shelter from winter. To many, it was the Wren, not the Ivy, that was blamed as being the caller on of winter. Holly, though, is where the Robin hides, well not actually hide as he makes himself visible on and around the Holly. Why He, why am I being gender specific? Because She Robin is off in warmer climates having her annual holiday romance with another robin. The Robin is, therefore, regarded as the caller on of the warmer weather, especially after the sun has turne