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Irish Government Decides No Forestry Sell Off (careful now, this is a con trick)

This is what the Irish Sunday Independent reported on 9th June ... Is this something to celebrate? "While the rest of the Oireachtas steadies itself for a long sleepy summer, Howlin's department is hitting the accelerator as the pace of State asset disposals increases. Semi-state forestry company Coillte will not be sold but is instead likely to be merged into Bord na Mona to create a vast State bio-energy company. This new renewable behemoth will form the centre of State plans to ramp up green energy production through large numbers of wind farms, with excess electricity being exported to the UK. The financing for this ambitious programme is likely to come from a variety of sources, including the National Pensions Reserve Fund and EU funding. "New Era has made an evaluation. They've made a presentation to me and they've made a presentation to Simon Coveney. We've agreed a way forward – and we'll be bringing joint proposals to Government shor

9th June sharing together In Ireland's Forests - why were you there?

Its been quite a journey ... This project leading up to the National Walk In The Woods Day through the Irish Republic today, Sunday 9th June has been very revealing. The surprise, though it should not be, is the variations of why people will, and will not, be Walking in the Forests Of Ireland this afternoon. There will be some people in the forests to protest against the Irish government and will urge others to protest with them through flyers, chants, passionate speakers and so there will probably be quite a bit of exuberance in those woods.. Then there are people who will be in the forest for a family afternoon as community to strengthen community and have fun, so no picketing and protesting from them. These are the people that want to be in the forests to be part of re-building passion for the forests. There are also the people who say the want to be in the forests to protest and chant but are too busy spending the day protesting and chanting for other multiple cause