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BBQ At Dooney Rock

A different Bards In The Woods meet-up to conclude our 2015 season. Dooney Rock Woods is currently my favourire out of all of the woods and forests we go to. I thought it would be wonderful to offer our last get together as a BBQ Picnic rather than the walk and picnic we usually do. One problem, though, well for the blog, is that my photos of the day were not very good. So many thanks especially to Val Robus, author of Magnumlady blog , for being present and sharing her amazing photography, plus help from Claire Louise Knifton and Meg Rybicki. So here is the beautiful place where we are having our BBQ picnic ... photo by Val Robus, author of Magnumlady blog Before going to the woods and BBQ, I did some considerable food preparation before going. Normally, I would prepare one thing and take it along for the picnic table, but I did feel this would be a special event. So on the menu, from me ... Nut sausages ... These are crushed hazelnuts, pecans and cashews, h