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Old Head - Where Forest Meets Sea

I have postponed coming to Old Head, Co. Mayo, as a Bards In The Woods destination for a couple of years. With an outstanding warm and sunny weather forecast for September I decided this was the place to go at last. Only one person shared this with me. Pity really, as I discovered this is a special place. However, despite outstanding weather forecast and sunny blue sky when I left Carrowcrory, once past Westport I did drive into mist and haze. The photos may cause here to look duller than it was. It was actually warm, dry and pleasant. I did visit again a couple of days later, tide was almost fully out, and this is what it was like. Even the lifeboat was grounded Tide was still out enough, while we were there, to walk around this little peninsula head which had an interesting tree growing from it Then over more beach. You can see the path into the woods beyond the lifebuoy post Here is this headland when the tide is out ... This is a '