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Bards In The Woods Festival at Lough Key Forest?

Update on The Boyle Arts Festival proposal ...  Was not accepted for this year, 2015,  but invited to apply to include next year, 2016.  Please click here for the Facebook Event Page for 2016  and click 'Going' if this is for you I believe this could be a wonderful opportunity to take what we do up a few notches and sort of have a Bards In The Woods Festival day too, just like the Rambler Clubs have a special annual day that they call their 'Walking Festival. May I go over what Bards In The Woods is? followed by an itinerary of the afternoon Bards In The Woods Is ... Love of our Woodlands The idea was seeded by a Coillte report I read that mentioned that over 60% of adults in Ireland never visit a public woodland after they leave school. At this time there was also fear of Public Forests being sold. My interpretation at the time was, 'If we do not use it, we will loose it'. A time to Feel Good, a Green Prescription Also motiv