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Westmeath Welcomes Native Woodland Trust

Yesterday, 1st March, Native Woodland Trust released this .... Westmeath Welcomes The Native Woodland Trust  A Fruitful Partnership  There have been exciting developments in County Westmeath recently due to a pioneering partnership between Westmeath County Council and The Native Woodland Trust. This involved Westmeath County Council leasing a beautiful nature reserve to The Native Woodland Trust. The nature reserve is called Ardan Woods and is located halfway between the villages of Tyrrellspass and Kilbeggan. Since finalising this partnership in July 2012, there has been a fantastic response from the local community with local volunteers turning out to help the Native Woodland Trust clear and improve the old entrance to the woods, opening up this fantastic woodland to visitors. There has also been a huge attendance at local Native Woodland Trust guided woodland walks proving that the people of Westmeath and further afield  truly do appreciate their native woodland heritage. Th

Its Much Much More Than Poems

Often I receive comments and questions from people saying they are not sure about reading and listening to poems, words and songs n the woods. Some folks say that what we do is too slow, that they prefer to power walk in the woods as that is their way to fitness. Some folks say being in the woods sounds like too much hard work as they like "lazy" leisure time, but by the way the picnics sound like great fun. There is really just one fundamental purpose of Bards In The Woods, and that is Get into more public access woodlands  more often with family and friends The pace you do this and what you do is not important, as long as what you do is not intentionally damaging and vandalizing. One thing I believe is that no gathering of people is complete without some food and drink to share. I think most people within our gatherings thinks that was the most fun part when they get home. I am writing this on the day that the very hard working enthusiastic Ireland TD Richa