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We Return To The Bluebells and The Well

The Bluebells are fading away from their showing this year at Derreen Woods, near Knockvicar. It was touch and go whether there would a Bards In The Woods today as the forecast for several days had been quite horrific for this time. Then this morning it all turned around. There was a forecast for the squally rain to stop and there be warm sun this afternoon. Well it was when I set out, anyway. Good to meet up with some folks to share with us this afternoon While we waited for more to arrive and find us after being lost, there was Wild Garlic to to be awed by and, of course, Bluebells We did not wander around the Bluebells this time but headed straight to the Fairy Ring which also has many Bluebells within, and the dog prowls around the outside Within there is a young Yew and I shared the epic Ioho The Yew finale, from Ogma's Tales Of The Trees which was perhaps a bit adventurous for new ears to this. I must remember to bring some of the