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Our Conquest of Rinn Dúin

For almost a year, Bridget Foy, Andrew Beach and myself had been looking forward to visiting the Warren Peninsula together, that includes the remains of the Rinn Dúin castle and village and a delightful native woodland. Despite inviting and encouraging others to join us it was just us and my neighbour Jan who turned up for this special visit ... and a special and adventurous visit it was. Leaving home at Carrowcrory, it was quite heavy rain, but by the time we reached Roscommon town it seemed there was no evidence of rain here. Cloudy, but sun peeking through. This is how it remained with the sunny spells getting longer and longer until it was just sun and warmth. So here we are, lots of noticeboards at the start including this ... and this ... and a map and the start of the trail markers, immediately warning us of a Bull ... but he was not there today :-) Before we set off we were fascinated by the herbs and flowers scattered by the hedgerows aroun