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End of our 2016 season and looking into 2017

Thank you everyone. That was a wonderful 2016 season for Bards In The Woods despite having less meet ups than previous years. The number of participants increased considerably, especially during Spring, and the weather for us much better, sunny afternoons mainly sunny, barely any rain. This year was very different compared to 2015 when we did have showery afternoons and most meet ups with only a few participants, sometimes just me or me plus another. For 2017 there have been some requests for more some workshop style meetup ups both in creative writing and nature walk identification and foraging for herbs and food. Looking into that. I was disappointed that our island picnics were a flop this year, after the joyful gatherings on Lake Isle Of Innisfree and Beezie's Island  in 2015. Our time on Trinity Island, Lough Key was good though, well supported. Who would like to do that again? During 2017 would love to get support for visits to  Church Island and Lake Isle of Innisfree agai