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Early Autumn At Hazelwood

I title this blog article as 'early Autumn', even though we are close to Equinox and mid autumn, as there is still very little colour change in the leaves here at Hazelwood, despite some Beech and a few Brown Hazel leaves fallen. The weather was perhaps very Autumn though ... It was a cloudy, misty afternoon, but stayed dry for us most of the time, not bad temperature for now, either, 14C, though on this date last year it was 21C, but I am pleased to say support for Bards In The Woods was a bit more this year than sunny last year. Last year nobody turned up! Today, despite 18 goings on Facebook, 6 goings on Meet Up and a lot of enthusiastic Twittering, Sarah and Coleston turned up to start ... Marolly joined us a bit later. New and very interesting people to meet up and be with so this created a wonderful afternoon. Sarah is a water sports instructor and Marolly's passion is mountain climbing so weather would rarely be an issue with these girls. A lot of p