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The Relics Of Rinn Dúin

Since our lovely time here last year I was excited about a return to Rinn Dúin. Last year only 4 of us were here but that time is still in my top three of the Bards In The Woods we have done. I was expecting a small turn out again due to location plus it is probably the longest walk we do. So here we are at this wonderful place again ... It surprised me how many people showed interest. Over 20 at one point, but most dropped out within the hour before we set off, even some arriving then dropping off. Was it the Bull sign that scared them away? On arrival there was a light shower and people leaving after cutting their walk short through fear of rain. We waited awhile for others saying they were arriving soon ... ... but they did not arrive ... So it was 3 of us that set off this time, rain had gone and did not return until way after we left. Another reminder about the bull ... but the field was full of sheep, no cattle. The signs were all pointing t