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A Stop Off At St. Hugh's

On the way home from Cavan Burren it's quite a tradition for me to stop off at St. Hugh's, Leitrim, quite close to Drumshambo just off of  the Dowra to Drumshambo road. Four of us took this detour this time Here we can visit St. Hugh's Well which is this place and St. Hugh's Sweathouse which is this structure Approaching the Sweathouse is very pretty any time of the year. A second bridge to get closer and then explore here and wonder what once went on here The sound of the small but busy burn, plus bird sing calls any visitor to relax here. Now to the well, and on the way there Rowan blossom is abundant and very fragrant Same with Hawthorn blossom. At the well we must take a sip ... but with the rich iron in the water, its a bit like rusty nails. You may wonder about this sign but I am not keen on coins or any metal being put into a well despite it's ancient tradition. Several la

Are You A Friend of Lough Key Forest?

Next Bards In The Woods meet up here is next Monday, holiday Monday, 2nd June 2014, from 2 pm click here for the Event Page about this upcoming Bards In The Woods At Bards In The Woods we have a mighty craic and invigorate ourselves with the forest We share a herb, plant, tree walk share favourite poems and stories share a picnic, with local foods if possible click here for the Event Page about this upcoming Bards In The Woods Catch this Bus to the Forest We are going to try out this bus service which will leave Boyle Crescent at Noon and leave Lough Key Forest at 6 pm click here for info about how you may catch this bus too :-)   About Lough Key Forest Lough Key Forest Park is an amazing treasure trove of native trees, plants and flowers as well as mature exotic imported ones. It has a beautiful lough coastline, good walking paths, places to get lost in ... and lots of playful and resort like amenities. Personally, I thin

Catch This Bus to Lough Key Forest

Catch this Bus to and from Lough Key Forest Park click here for Bards In The Woods events   at Lough Key Forest scroll down for map During June, July and August This shuttle Bus will run twice daily  departing Boyle from the Crescent  at 12 noon and again at 5pm;  The Crescent is 5 minutes walk from the Boyle Railway Station. Taxi services in Boyle would object to the service running directly from the railway station. There' no permission for that, anyway. Next stop Military Road at 12.10, and again later at 5:10 pm, which is handy for pick up from King House, Farmer's Market on Saturdays and connecting to the Dublin to Sligo bus services. Bus departures from Lough Key Forest Park for Boyle  are at 12.30 and 5.30pm. This Shuttle Bus will run 6 days a week Monday through to Saturday, not Sundays, through the months of June, July and August. This Shuttle Bus timetable coincides very well with the railway train services to and from both Sligo and Dublin Di

Misty Megaliths in Cavan Burren's Forest

There was just no knowing how this day was going to be Bards In The Woods at Cavan's Burren megalithic forest park. Now with new signage New roadways ... this used to be mud like this Now, ET to watch over us Some kind of automated gate, probably operated with a smart phone 100s of km away and wondering if people would arrive, and where do we go now as it is all so different, even compared to about 4 weeks ago when I was last here very briefly. There had been a surprising amount of interest in this event, which I thought would be one of our events of the year, especially for curiosity value. Weather forescast was very yo-yo. On arrival a mist was falling. Two cars arrived with people, and news that other people were waiting for us at the new visitor's centre. The road to this centre was very new too. Empty car park, apart from us, but this is far better than the tiny car park that used to serve this forest. Later, thi