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Bards In The Woods thru Tree Week

Ireland's National Tree Week 2013 is almost upon us. Féile na gCrainn A Feast Of Trees ... and so far we only have two Bards In The Woods events listed in the Tree Week Events Calendar The Sunday dates are 3rd March and 10th March Can we get more events listed in more counties  in this National Tree Week Calendar? This is simply some friends and family going to the woods somewhere and listing this, Bards In The Woods, in the Tree Week Calendar. Where are the "Save Ireland's Forests" voices  I have heard and read through this winter ??? Do please now gather together now the Spring is well upon us. Make a presence within the woods, as from there we can act to protect our Public Access. This needs more people in more woods in more counties ... especially through this National Tree Week, please .... Click to get listed here National Tree Week is an annual festival celebrating trees in our lives and environment.  It is organised by the Tree

22 Reasons To Avoid The Woods

Reading the success of the 38 Degrees campaign in the UK, to save Public Owned Forestry and access to it, it is asked why are we not doing the same in Ireland? I hope through Bards In The Woods we will stretch into such a campaign. However, I believe the essential ingredient for success of this is for the people to be in the woods as much as they can to make their presence known. click to read the full graphic chart here Of interest to me is that not much really happened on the 38 Degrees Plan until members met up "all over the country to go for woodland walks and collect ideas for how to protect our woods". This has been a backbone of Bards In The Woods activities. I feel it is essential for people to be in the woods first, regularly, and renew their passion for them. That seems to be the hard part in Ireland. As much as I campaign this I receive lots of "I love the woods, where do I sign the petition"  response, accompanied by seemingly countless re