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Canals, Garlic & Bluebells at Lough Key Forest

Bards In The Woods, Sunday 17th May was at Lough Key Forest. I am always reluctant to encourage Bards In The Woods here, but we always seem to get a decent turnout when we do ... But today just one person turned up! The forecast was for rain showers and cold wind, but we enjoyed a dry afternoon with no wind, and not too cold. Very few people in the park generally though. The meeting place was by the marina where people feed ducks and swans. Always a concern for their heavy diet of white bread. Only one heritage boat in and one barge among the toothpaste tube boats as some people call them. So off we went. First stop, as always, is among the cluster of redwood cedars where children love to play ... but it was just us this time ... Next up was the Fairy Bridge ... There seems to be no clarity in why the bridge is named Fairy Bridge, though it is semi abstract folly and it is near a fairy ring. My idea for the afternoon was to get to the Bog Garden whic