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Take A Moment For Forest Bathing

After seeing this delightful message on this picture, below, spread around Facebook, I believed it was time for me to write a script for a video on Forest Bathing. It will be awhile before I have a video ready So here it in a kind of verse for now. Enjoy and bathe in it everyone :-) If your life is disturbed by excess stress; If you feel you are too busy trying to catch up; If you feel there is no 'me' time; There is a simple way to escape this That anyone can do at least once a week. I call this Boladh na Síoga, (bowa na shee ga) Bathing in The Fae's Breath. Japanese people call this Shinrin Yoku, Forest Bathing. So how is this done? Go to a forested area and wander. Many forests make this easy By providing curious trails. Follow them, And let your senses loose. Smell the aromas of the trees, shrubs and flowers And the living earth itself. Find water and listen. Let visions come to you from the water. Touch the bark, leaves, flowers and