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The Middle Earth Glen Experience

Next Bards In The Woods meet up here will now be in 2015. Watch this space for a date and time in the future. The Glen, below Knocknarea, west of Sligo Town is a seemingly very magical place to visit. On arrival it is a total senses aroused wonder. Finding it, for the first time, can be a bit tricky. I have embeded my Google Map for here to assist you finding the location. This is what the entrance looks like now ... A lot of people looking this up will see pics of the entrance like this ... but those gates are gone and the hawthorns etc. have grown rampantly. Another landmark to look out for was a Holy Well white wall that used to look like this but now it has grown over to look like this ... I will serve directions to here below, but first, lets take you into The Glen for a moment. First you have to walk along a path. This is way above a beautiful shoreline like this ... and this is what the path looks like, Claire is walking it here.

Bards N' The Woofs at Lough Key

That's Esta, Dorothy's guide dog ... more about them later :-) Part of today's experience was to see how the new Boyle Town to Lough Key Forest bus service was going to work out. Waiting for the bus it turned up at exactly Noon but pick up was different to where I expected. The bus backs up to the front of the old AIB Bank Building, just below the Clock Tower. Only myself and one other, Jan, got on board, and we got tickets The bus then goes all around what used to be the one way system route to hopefully pick up people in front of King House. Nobody got on board, but there is a flashy informative bus stop here. Arriving at Lough Key Forest Park at 12:20, there was nobody else to return to Boyle. Hmm, there's Bike Hire here now. and rental of these Segway thingys that these people seem to be enjoying With an hour and half before anyone else arrives, I wanted to see how the Camping Ground was like here now. Passing thi