Bards In The Woods 2013

Hello everyone, 
a sort of belated welcome to 2013.

Here's an insight to 
activities and ideas for 
Bards In The Woods 
through this coming season.

I am very excited with meeting up with you folks in the woods again, along with many more new faces that I am sure
will be along.

Our season in the first Sunday of March, the first Sunday of National Tree Week, until the last Sunday of October.

National Tree Week

We have set a tradition of promoting Bards In The Woods gatherings with shared picnics on Sunday afternoons, and though it is called National Tree Week it lasts 9 days, which means two Sundays,

Sunday 3rd March 
Sunday 10th March.

What I would like to encourage is for Bards In The Woods 
to quickly have a good listed presence on the Events Page 
of the Tree Council Tree Week web pages. 

I still have to put our own first two Tree Week events up there yet,
but they will be posted by the next weekend, I hope.

Click here for the Tree Week Events Page

On Sunday 3rd March

So far, I am offering a gathering at Lough Key Forest on Sunday 3rd March,
and will be monitoring if the €4 car park charge there is offputting.
On this day I will also be launching what has been created with my
Ogma's Tale Of The Trees book and audio suite.

I do not have an Events Page posted for this yet but please put 3rd March at Lough Key down unless, and this is preferred, you would like to offer a gathering in another public access woodland anywhere in Ireland.

Please, lets have as many Bards In The Woods gatherings around Ireland
as possible on 3rd March. Lets be in many woodlands then.
Lets make our presence known through National Tree Week!!!

On Sunday 10th March

Gearóid Ó Branagáin is offering a gathering at Massy's Wood, Dublin Mountains plus time at the nearby Columcille Well.
click here for the events page and let us know if you will be there 

Again, please lets not make it just one event but lots of Bards In The Woods gatherings around Ireland listed in the Tree Week Events Calendar.

Alone In The Woods or With Others?

Through these winter months I have found that discussions about folks being in the woods more often has revealed that most people like to be in them alone. I find the extent of this very sad, and sometimes even quite selfish.

It is common for folks to tell me the woods are their sanctuary and they have their "private" spots within the woods. I agree that being in the woods is an invaluable personal regenerator. We do need that. However, I also feel it is important to encourage spending time with others there in the woods too.

Our Bards In The Woods serves as a wonderful gathering for expression, sharing and having a listening audience.

Some folks do seem to have a fear of their egos being pricked at such events, and the fear of that can be quite a baggage for some people.

Bards In The Woods is a very gentle way for sharing

And there is no charge, no fees exchanged.

So much personal inspiration and growth could be deprived without sharing our inspirations and listening to others. Try out a little time with us one Sunday afternoon.

If you are heading off to the woods with others on a Sunday also please let us know, if you would like to invite others along. The best place to announce your time in the woods is through our Facebook group.

click here for the Bards In The Woods group forum

More activity for Bards In The Woods?

As well as more sharing words,
more sharing of picnics more from local foods
I hope we will share more of our developing version of Shinrin Yoku.
click here for some revision of what this is

Perhaps this will include some Haiku poems
plus something close to this as well.
click here for a simple introduction to Haiku

There will be other explorations into Green Prescription within the woods.
Its not all about power walking, jogging and exertions
as relaxation and calm sharing is an essential prescription for us all too.

Bards In The Woods Web Site?

I am very slow as updating this as my attention has been on completing my Ogma's Tale of The Trees book and double cd audio set - but soon attention to the web site will be there.

What is lacking is the source finder to good local food and I hope to update that as soon as possible. Most of the Public Access woodlands are there, but info is a bit out of date.

I will do what I can to keep this up to date
and any offers you may have to keep people informed is welcome too.

This blog is on the web site, so do use the menu to the right

Bards In The Woods Publishing?

I hope we can start to get a series going of 
compendiums of Bards In The Woods work

printed books
video channels
audio channels
all of a mix of some of your work that you will allow.

This will be monetized as much as possible
to create a fund that covers costs of folks going around the country
helping others to get get Bards In The Woods going in other places and well expanded.

Bards In The Woods Tree Planting.

This has not been co-ordinated this winter, but lets hope our interest numbers raise and we can get a planting session going through next winter.

Any questions about Bards In The Woods 2013?

Please drop them in the comments below.
and again, I am so looking forward to us meeting up again :-)


  1. Have bought house in Ballinamuck, so might organise one for the local woods there later in year. Its an eco restoration of the Robin Gill cottage. Wilk post more later.

  2. That would be great Tom. You have Derrycassan not far away, The beautiful beech wood of Mullaghmeen and the very pretty waterside Derrycarne.

    Any time you are going with with friends and family any Sunday afternoon, let us know and we'll get the word out to see who can come along, which I am sure will include me :-)


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