Back To Derreen Woods

Just myself and Claire Roche this time, and mid week.

Bluebells had blossomed a lot since the previous Sunday and it was a delight to be among them.

We headed our now well worn path to the Toberdarragh Well, and sat in the quiet there for awhile. It was a still, peaceful, warm sunny time, just like a May Day should be.

Hardly anyone else in the woods then, a true magic feel good afternoon

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Also, Back Here Among The Bluebells, Saturday 11th May

I was there alone for awhile, earlier start, 1 pm, as it was just after shopping for me. Nobody else in the woods among the bluebells. Clare Lynch turned up with her delightful dog, I am not attempting to spell.

We had a lovely warmish sunny afternoon. Overall I think we are having better average dry weather than we did last year when it often
drenched us in showers.
This year its mainly dry but colder.

Since Wednesday the Bluebells had filled out much more but the first batch were now dying off. How much longer will they be here? We engaged with them for awhile as if it was our last time this year.

From there we walked toward the site of the Killidean Church site, and I thought we had not found it. Last time I was there it was a clear rectangle of garlic leaves and flowers ... but looking at an old map we indeed walked around it. It had just overgrown. There were tall aged grand chestnut and sycamore trees there though.

Returning we looked forward to tea and cake to finish the afternoon ... but alas my tea flask exploded and that was the end of that. A great adventure afternoon for all of that.

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