Bealtaine Sunday Among The Bluebells

I always look forward to our Derreen Woods days around Bealtaine, my favourite time of the year, and this Sunday afternoon was better than I imagined

Here I am waiting for people to arrive, itching to get into the woods, and taking this wee sample from the woodland car park.

A singer songwriter came out of the Bluebells Woods with his photographer ... but not his hairdresser, so not famous quite yet. No photos but wondered if he was a Living Room Bard  .... No, wait on.

P.S. The next day I heard from someone that was popular Irish Singer Songwriter John Spillane being photographed and filmed in Derreen Woods.

No, that's not a pic from the Bluebell Woods
but from John Spillane's album from last year.

Ok, this is a closer sampling of the Bluebells ...

The forecast was awful, wet, wet, wet, and we have not had a soaking Bards In The Woods on a Sunday afternoon for 14th months now except for a couple of breif drizzles that quickly turned to warm sun.

Before I left home sun was trying to come out, but as I left home I drove through lashings of rain all of the way ... until I was a km away from the forest.

There it was dry and the car park completely full. I drove around the bend to Finn Lough, where there is another car park. Even the spaces there started to fill rapidly.

The Living Room Bards turned up, and here is their camera crew ...

Actually, that was it for today, the two Living Room Bards, the camera man, sound man, and Donijka and daughter Taliah. Usually these Bluebell Days are the most popular of the year. Not much enthusiasm for this year it seemed from the folks I know

... but the forest was packed with people. However, their visits seemed short, a quick look, a pic or two, then drive away.

Anyway, we were in and here to stay awhile ...

The Living Room Bards and crew got right to work

and while they do that, lets look at more Bluebells

The Bluebells seem much bluer than last year.

In here there are a few white ones, not as many as last year

You've just gotta hug a tree here !!!

A couple more bluebell shots ...

and the Living Room Bards do more of their 'thing' too.

We have now found our way to the edge of the huge Fairy Ring

and the Bards confer ... thank you Donijka for this one

Within the Fairy Ring this ...

Outside the Fairy Ring, the Ogham Beech, or is it a Dinosaur Tree?

Arriving at the Tobar Derragh Well, aaargh, its a mess !!!

And the beautiful sign made by Clare has gone !!!

The fallen Hawthorn going upwards as new life

Picnic before we work?

Then one of the workers gets stuck in as the Bards ponder

Hello, anyone going to help me?

I do not think the Bards expected to be roped into a Well clean up job, but they were grand.

We got it back to how we left it last time

But hopefully next Sunday a lot more progress, bring more tools along.

Back to the Fairy Ring there's more work for Bards to do, and it looks like they are recruiting.

Damien on the left, Dave Rock on the right, The Living Room Bards folks.

and Damien says "you're hired !!!"

And that ended an exhilerating afternoon :-)

Looking forward to our return next Sunday.

Would you like to join us in Derreen Woods and help with the well?


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