We Return To The Bluebells and The Well

The Bluebells are fading away from their showing this year at Derreen Woods,
near Knockvicar.

It was touch and go whether there would a Bards In The Woods today as the forecast for several days had been quite horrific for this time. Then this morning it all turned around. There was a forecast for the squally rain to stop and there be warm sun this afternoon. Well it was when I set out, anyway.

Good to meet up with some folks to share with us this afternoon

While we waited for more to arrive and find us after being lost, there was
Wild Garlic to to be awed by

and, of course, Bluebells

We did not wander around the Bluebells this time but headed straight to the
Fairy Ring

which also has many Bluebells within, and the dog prowls around the outside

Within there is a young Yew and I shared the epic Ioho The Yew finale,
from Ogma's Tales Of The Trees which was perhaps a bit adventurous
for new ears to this.

I must remember to bring some of the new stuff for Bathing In The Fae's Breath along next time.

So off past the oak and to the Tobar Derragh well

The bucket being one of the tools for the job today.

To give a wee idea of what this is all about here's an old map that features the Ring and the Well

But first thing's first, soup, bagels and potato salad.

Some of the people left us at this point due partialy to a midge invasion on arrival ... and the other being that they did not want to work on a Holy Well as they were here for the Bluebells, so back to indulge in the Bluebells they went.

Hmm, now to look at the work in hand, for us who stayed on ... and the midges went away too.

This time I did not take any working pics, why I do not know as I did take a rest and watch the others work at some point.

Actually we had a couple of hard showers while here so not a good idea to expose electronics then.

This also broke our dry Sunday afternoon tradition as we have not had hard rain on a Sunday Bards In The Woods since Glendalough during March last year, and only on 2 afternoons the year before, both times at Knockranny by Keadue. Well there was a short burst of mist drizzle at Glenfarne but that was quickly followed by warm sun, so not counting that.

Anyway there was mud clearing and stone cleaning
and a little more progress here again.

After a good session of that ... time for TEA :-)

Before we leave, gather up some Wild Garlic to make gourmet treat at home.

Though I was not as adventurous and as captive with my pics taking today this was another lovely forest day with terrific company and good cheer.

Not sure when we will return here to Derreen Woods and The Tobar Derragh Well . If there is a mild dry day in November, that may be a good time to return. Otherwise so many other woodlands I wish to get to this summer.

Do come along with us. Its Hazelwood by Sligo next Sunday.


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