Bards N' The Woofs at Lough Key

That's Esta, Dorothy's guide dog ... more about them later :-)

Part of today's experience was to see how the new Boyle Town to Lough Key Forest bus service was going to work out.

Waiting for the bus it turned up at exactly Noon but pick up was different to where I expected. The bus backs up to the front of the old AIB Bank Building, just below the Clock Tower.

Only myself and one other, Jan, got on board, and we got tickets

The bus then goes all around what used to be the one way system route to hopefully pick up people in front of King House. Nobody got on board, but there is a flashy informative bus stop here.

Arriving at Lough Key Forest Park at 12:20,
there was nobody else to return to Boyle.

Hmm, there's Bike Hire here now.

and rental of these Segway thingys

that these people seem to be enjoying

With an hour and half before anyone else arrives, I wanted to see how the Camping Ground was like here now.

Passing this folly

the walk is very pretty

past ancient Ash trees

Enchanting rhododendrons

and elephant shaped Cedar trees

There seems to be three tent camping areas, all very busy, with the names 'Church', 'Castle' and I did not get the third one.

The camper van plots all have secluded tree shelter pitches

with power connection but I did not see water hook up.

There was a couple of water taps. I did not see any toilets or shower though.

Time passed by quickly and it was time to head back for a quick cuppa at a picnic table and see if others would turn up.

They certainly did, people and dogs.

I believe it was 12 adults and 6 dogs.

We set off and first stop, enter into the wonder of the Cedar trees

I did not get very good pics this time, but here's one ...

After sharing of people and words from there
we went off to the nearby Fairy Bridge

Water looking good below here

and then the dogs led the way to the Fairy Ring

but this time I took no pics there.

Not far ahead ...

well, a little bit more,

is Drumman's Bridge, sorry about the blue corner.

A lovely view down the canal here despite low water, the vegetation is beautiful

At the top of the island, stories poems and a photo shoot

and then everyone wanted to picnic

On the path back to get our food, I saw that the canal path was closed off. This is my favourite path and it is along here I wrote my Fearn The Alder poem due to falling catkins I could not catch due to the strong breeze.

Ahhh, Picnic !!!

Good idea, says Esta the goldendoodle Guide Dog,
here without harness so she can play.

Dorothy has only had Esta in her care for two weeks. They already have a wonderful bond :-)

I, well all of us, look forward to Esta and Dorothy sharing with us again for another Bards N'The Woofs.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day there. Nice and local too. Lovely photos. Are'nt we so lucky to have such a lovely park virtually on our doorstep.


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