Why Be Involved With Your Forests?

If you go to a forest,
walk slowly, be aware of
breathing and sensing,
you have entered the
healing path that the
Japanese call Shinrin Yoku,
Koreans call Sanlimyok,
we call Boladh na Sióga
and its all "Forest Bathing".

It is the "medicine" of simply
being present in a forest,
taking in the forest atmosphere,
where all senses are caressed
by the "breath of the fae"

Forest Healing, Forest Calming

The nourishment from a forest
is far greater than from
a more open park or field.

  • lower blood pressure
  • lower pulse rate
  • reducing cortisol levels
  • increase vigor
  • reduce anxiety and anger
  • dissolve depression

Our presence in the forests peacefully campaigns to sustain our Public Access.

We let our elected representative know we are there by showing them plenty of
photos and videos of many of us being there, using and enjoying the Public Forests.
We are the voters that create their careers and access to salaries and pensions.

What Is A Woodland Walk, Bards & Picnic?

Folks ask me many questions about the preparing,
planning and arranging ???

What we do is very simple.

Suggest to family and friends
"lets go to the forest together
for the afternoon, invite others,
and let's take a picnic !!! "

Its as simple as that.

Let me know your 
Woodland Walk date 
... message me here  ... or here

I can add your Woodland Walk to our events page ... have a look at that here
to invite other people near you who would like to join up with you

Embrace the air, breathe well

We love to help each other out with tree identification skills.
Some people like to share forest games, especially children who come along.
Some adults like to share yoga an mindfulness techniques.

Enjoy A Picnic

Its amazing how sharing food and a cup or tea or coffee is the most amazing most social thing we can do. Food is incredible for opening new friendships, sustaining the friendships we have and bringing lots of joy.

We find we talk a lot about the trees, their herbal, food, craft and fuel uses, and we talk a lot about local food and share growing, buying and cash saving tips.

Bring a poem, words or a story to share ?  (this is optional)

I find poems, stories and songs truly connects us well to the forest, our senses,
inspirations and comfort with each other.

Car pool, use public transport or cycle where possible

Your costs for an lovely afternoon are merely your contribution to the picnic table and any transport costs to get you to and from the forest

What else can you do that's better, more natural,

Being in the forest is far more responsive than
being within any human created building could be,
no matter what the weather serves.

Let us all gather, share and occupy 
the public forests of Ireland


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