Waterfalls Are Romantic such as at Tourmakeady

Another Mayo forest we ventured into was at the off the beaten track village of Tourmakeady, birthplace of Luis Walsh, apparently, where he spent much of his life. We wondered as we passed their local former Ballroom Of Romance, but I did not take a pic of that.

So off we went, quite a straightish path with views, even this time of year, being mainly of rhododendron bushes both sides. The views of the river beside the path were not there.

but then there was a gap to sit, rest and be embraced

Not far past this the waterfall ...

Below the waterfall, its rive meets another, a wonderful meeting of the waters and a lovely seat there too. This is one of those precious Forest Bathing, Boladh na Sioga, Bathing In The Fae's Breath places indeed :-)

As you sit there and flow into the water ...

There are some steps to get a bit closer to the waterfall. With waders you could get even closer.

I've seen a lot of wedding photos taken here ...

Beautiful soft green mosses here

We turn to have one more look at the waterfall before we leave ...

Yes, this is now on our list of Forest Bathing Forests of Ireland.


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