Bathing In Glenfarne Wood

Well, I will have to kick this off with a pic of one of my favourite spots in Glenfarne. Seat seems to have becomes a bit mossy since last time we were here.

Yes, this is where we were ...

A few pics around the car park before anyone arrives.

A previous rough area replaced with this quite attractive wall ...

and a hideous perspex and rusted metal sculpture replaced with this ...

Three people turned up, through wonderful women, Tina, her sister Claire and Suzanne.

foraging from the moment they turned up :- )

Then the Bardic moments commenced. ...

Then admiring the wood anemonies

Not used in herbal medicine much these days. Was once regarded as good for getting rid of headaches by creating a decoction and then snorting it up the nose.

A myth is that when the wood anemonies come out, the swallows are about. We did not see any.

Also admiring the marsh marigolds ...

Not really to be used in any home remedy. Experienced herbalists may make special tinctures to treat fits and blood problems.

A myth of the flower is that when it blooms a cuckoo is nearby, but we never heard one. As I child the name I was told for these was 'marsh mallow' flowers. Just as well I did not take that literally.

So far, the afternoon was sunny and warn, totally delightful.

Here are the sisters at a favourite sculpture here.

There has been patches of harvesting here, and all of the girls posed here

Claire ...


and Tina, this time taken by Suzanne with her camera.

A few minutes walk from here, our chosen picnic spot

The sun being clouded over a bit now.

A look at a couple of the stones here ...

and this triskele symbol in the middle ...

Now to chow down a little picnic :-)

After this pleasant sojourn, Tina tried to find the Brighid's Cross she was photographhed with last time we were here.

We left with intent go through the woods to Badger's Well, but a mist cloud came down upon us so enthusiasm for that quickly waned. So it was back to the car park.

where the sun came back out and we had more chow down :-)

This completed our wonderful time here, great company all afternoon.

I tend to be lacking many forest photos of here at Glenfarne

so do click here for our Best Of Glenfarne photo album to see more.

It is worth visiting Glenfarne Woods, really a Forest, as often as you can. It is very peaceful here. Presence here also encouraged as this woodland is often pointed at as a possible Fracking site. People presence enjoying this forest could well distract this idea.

Please visit here when you can.


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