Plant & Herb Walks?

What do you think of adding Plant and Herb Walks in the forests
to Bards In The Woods Events?

Despite my lifelong interest in plants and herbs, and even qualifications in souch things, I'm currently a sieve in knowledge of such things right now. If I had kept up gathering more plants and making preparations like I once did, then it would all still be familiar to me today.

That aside, I think Plant and Herb Walks would be wonderful, but the first thing is to have some of you with plants knowledge and experience to volunteer to facilitate these walks in Ireland?

For some people the obstacle may be getting paid for services. A herbalist or botanist holding a workshop in a house or meeting room does command between €50 and up to €200 for a day's workshop.

Taking this out to a Public Forest a facilitator would expect to charge and earn similar fees per person.

Unfortunately, this does get into the attention of Coillte who have their own scale of permit and licence fees plus extra insurance requirements. In the end they get the main share of cash collected. Its a bit like musicians and performers booking the National Concert Hall in Dublin or public places elsewhere, once they have taken their multiple nit-picking charges there's little to nothing left for the performers.

There is also the challenge that €50 and up to €200 for an educational walk limits those who could afford to do this.

Native Woodland Trust have hosted very successful Plant and Herb Walks, but these are in their own Native Woodland forests that they own or rent. Their fee is just €5 per person, or join their annual membership.

With us, a branch of Bards In The Woods, it would be voluntary, and by doing that Coillte do not make permit and licence charges are we are like any other visitors. It would be acceptable to swap cards and flyers of any books and media published, and we have already had covert trading by some people from their cars in the car parks.

Overall, I believe Plant and Herb Walks featured in our Events would be a wonderful thing. It adds to the wholesomeness and fellowship of what we do and encourage.

Those who facilitate would at least build up their fan, client and customer base, if they would like this, for their books, media, practice, and events elsewhere.

If 10 people came along, though you may not be paid a fee by them to actually attract 10 new clients can cost a small fortune by media and advertising means.

So who would like Herb and Plant Walks, and who would like to facilitate these walks around the forests of Ireland?

If so, please message me by clicking here




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