Quiet Curious Moments at Carns Wood

After the 'no-show' for Bards In The Woods at Ben Bulben I decided to go on an adventure of forests and woodlands I have not been to for several years. The first was Carns, just SE of Sligo town, maybe a 20 to 25 mins walk from town.

Last time I visited here, a long time ago, I am sure there was a signed forestry entrance and a car park. Today, when I visited that entrance was gated off and the former car park barely existing.

As there was barely anywhere to park I looked up the Sligo Walks web page. There, they recommend the walk starting at the other side of the woods, so I went there. No signs to announce the wood, and only room for 3 cars to park. As nobody was here, perhaps this was ample parking space.

Last time I was here, a long time ago, this place was full of walkers.

What is lovely here, and a delightful surprise, is that last time I was here this was mainly a sitka spruce plantation, and those trees were mature then. This may have been 30 years ago.

Now all that is gone and the woodlands are now much more native with quite a lot of sycamore, ash, rowan, hazel and alder. Last time I was here there were big beeches, but I did not see them here any more. There are beeches here, but they seem to be much smaller than I remember them. .

Also great to see a good splash of Bluebells flowers here ...

So on I go along the path to get onto one of the cairns of the Carns. There are two cairns here. For this intended quick visit one cairn was enough to see.

So, climbing up towards the cairn ...

I am at the top now, where is it?

Ah yes, a small sighting of it here

and here it is ...

Last time I was here the cairn seemed to be totally covered in small conifer trees. Glad they somehow harvested and removed them, maybe as Christmas trees, without, I hope, not much damage.

From here, following the track along is a short distance to where I parked.

The circular trail is only just over 1k. Easy for anyone to walk.

Nobody here, but nearby Doorly Park that does have a small Native Woodland Trail, and is just 10 mins from the town, was totally packed with people. I was going to look there too, but could not find anywhere to park. One day I will see if Doorly Park is a good place for Bards In The Woods off season.

Carns Wood here I thought was a great place of interest for individuals to take time to visit. Indeed its peaceful here ... but I do not think I will list if for Bards In The Woods though ???


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