Calming Carrownaskeagh on the Ladies Brae

This fourth forest I visited today was very unique as it is apparently a forest in transition,

First, the delightful photo of the wild goats there at Carrownaskeagh, on the Ladies Brea is by Val Robus. This first appeared in her Magnumlady Blog, Val is now a proprietor of the wonderful Sligo Hub resource that has become a stunning web site of all things wonderful around Co. Sligo . Please click and visit their web site, and keep subscribed to there. Val also lives not far from Carrownaskeagh too

Carrownaskeagh its not like the Public Forest we go to with car parks, walking trails and picnic benches. It is a long section of formerly conifer plantation forest that has largely been clear felled now.

It is on the Ladies Brae scenic drive that travels from the N59 near Aughris, that many people go to for the beaches, and then take this scenic drive through the Ox Mountains where there is a forked road choice to go in the direction of Tobercurry or Ballymote.

Much of the landscape of Ladies Brae does still look like this ...

There are small roads that go down to and through small remains of forest plantations, where trees are not felled, to scenic views of the Owenboy River.

There is one prime stopping place with parking for a few cars and several picnic tables. The sun was behind the mountains, being late evening, when I was here so my photos are not great.

I would like to come back here at an earlier time and look closer at the spots along this road.

I am not sure yet if it is a good spot for Bards In The Woods. Possibly too isolated, and where are the trees?

The good news is that new planting in the clear felled areas is going to be of mixed species native trees to slowly develop this Ladies Brae route into a very spectacular tourism route. Of course, that is many years away, waiting for the new trees to grow.

Well after 8 pm now, it was time for me to go home, which is not far taking the country route direct to Temple House, turn left into Ballymote and then 10km home from there.

One the way spotted rail remains of the old and now disputed Collooney to Athenry railway line that used to carry trains going from Sligo to Galway, Limerick and Cork.

There is one group campaigning for the railway to re-open, but who would ever fund that?

Another group are campaigning to have the route opened as a hiking and bicycling greenway. I think that's an excellent idea. It would also add interesting access to this Ladies Brae Area.

... but for Bards In The Woods here, I will have to think on that. What do you think?


  1. Thanks for the heads up Val. When I posted that pic had no idea where it came from as I have seen goats there on the road, but did not remember taking that actual pic. Since then noticed it is your moment incredibly captured. I will go in there with my laptop later to post credit. Hope that is ok?


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