Songs and Words Fiddled Away at Dooney Rock

Aahhh, back to Dooney Rock Forest, and we descend through the forest to the Lough side. There was an immmediate "wow!" calling of delight by those who had not been here before.

Then by the Lough Gill, and more "Wow!"

Then as I write here Jane Gilgun, who was with us, posted this beautiful video of this day which really explains and presents it all :-)

How do I follow that beautiful video by Jane?

Here goes, anyway. As you can see by the video clip we commenced our first Bardic sharing as soon as we reached the shore of Lough Gill.

some listened with all senses

some chilled out

some joined their responses with the lough

and here is a bit more of the singing of the beautiful Blue Germain

and I will post a video of Tony Cuckson here very soon
as he was in top voice on this day.

The waterside is beautiful here

but we moved on

explored more

passed a mysterious building remains, well a couple of old walls at least

then up the steps to the top of Dooney Rock with Picnic Baskets and Bags

Our view at the top of Beezie's Island,

You can click here and read about Beezie from an earlier blog of here

The island is much more lush compared to our March visit here.

and so, the part we had been waiting for, we settled down to picnic :-)

There was another lovely bardic session after our eating

... but I will have to add the videos here later.

Surprisingly, nobody read or recited 'The Fiddler Of Dooney" poem. When I realised this, on thee way home,I kicked myself for not inviting one of the others to do this. This is a 'must do' next year :-)

At the end of this fun and enchanting and nourishing Bards In The Woods, it was a farewell group pic, or two

Drizzled as we arrived, stayed dry, mainly cloudy, some sun, warm, while there, showered as we were leaving. A very cozy afternoon.

It was a perfect afternoon for everyone, I am sure. Again, many thanks to Jane for that remarkable video clip of our time together, and many thanks to Bee, Tony, Jan, Blue, and Jane for their wonderful words, songs, and expressions of the best we could ever hear. Thanks to everyone for the generous and tasty picnic contributions, including that intriguing crisps collection provided by Denise, I have not eaten crisps for a long time. Thanks for the entertainment and joy of the dogs that came along.

Looking forward to being back here with Bards In The Woods next year.


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