Boarding Boats For Innisfree, Sunday 5th July

This is for people going from Sligo to Innisfree ...

This is for people going from Killerry Jetty, near Innisfree, to Innisfree Ialsnd

On either map if you click the 4 corners icon it goes full screen and is easier to use.
As most people want a good boat ride but we also need to get people on and off of the island quickly, we will need some to get on at Sligo and later get off at Killerry while others arrive from Killerry and later get off at Sligo. Claire, I and others will transport people between their cars at both ports.
Now here are some Street View map shots to assist these maps above.

This is the route to Killerry Jetty

R287 from Dromahair look for the Lake Isle O Innishfree brown sign on left ...

You turn right ...

After awhile look left to this church ruins and cemetery

Not far from the ruined church turn left, note another brown sign.

Very soon you turn right, at another brown sign.

Then after awhile is a left turn, with a brown sign

Eventually you come to the Innisfree car park

and there is a toilet here to the left if it is open.

Walk right towards the jetty here

Then the famous car rising into the water sign :-)

and the jetty with Innishfree to the left.

Now for Sligo people 

coming from the south and east, turn right here over the bridge

and follow the Gravogue river around and get ready to turn left

After that left it is like this

Get into the middle lane to swing right

Over this crossroads and keep in left lane

Over the bridge you will be turning left

and follow the Riverside road with river on left

Past this footbridge

Past this mooring and car park, still a ways to go ...

Look for this car park on a bend in the road

The pick up jetty by the car park


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